Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tonight's Speech!

Stayed up way to late to get up at 4:30. But I am sure glad I did! Tonight was phenomenal at the RNC! My favorite part was her support and advocacy of individuals with special needs. Obviously this is near and dear to my heart since it is my career. 
                                MY AMERICAN HERO ~
"Profiles in courage, they can be hard to come by these days. You know, so often we just find them in books. But next week when we nominate John McCain for president, we're putting one on the ballot." -Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC

-Transcript of the entire speech found at NPR


JB Goll said...

Good post, I loved the speech. She is great. Why do you have to get up at 4:30 everyday?

Polos & Pearls said...

I heart Sarah Palin... her speech was great. I am feeling you on staying up too late for get up for work this morning... have a great day!

mnk ♥ said...

hey girl! I stumbled across your blog through an acquaintance's and wanted to say hi! :) I love, love, love your post on the RNC and am amped for mccain/palin '08!! so glad another young southern girl is as enthusiastic and passionate about this as I am!!

southernpreppy said...

Yes, it was amazing!!

Monogramchick said...

she was awesome!