Saturday, September 20, 2008

Itinerary for St. Louis

Thursday Craig and I are going to St. Louis. The Cardinals are our favorite baseball team and neither of us have been to the new stadium. I can remember going to watch the Cardinals on weekend trips when I was little. My brother would get so excited because Ozzie Smith would do back flips. We are going to the Arch, baseball game, botanical garden, zoo and of course some fun bars and restaurants! I can't wait!

 Kiener Plaza, St. Louis by Vesuviano - Nicola De Pisapia 
  Busch Stadium - Home Of The St Louis Cardinals by Sheehan Family

Chihuly Exhibit, Botanical Gardens, St. Louis by Laughing Easy
  St. Louis Zoo by Blissful Witch


Jesslee said...

When you go to the arch I'd suggest you park in the garage parking, even though it's free to park on the street. When I stopped there in August I was pulling a Uhaul so I parked on the street and as we were walking back to our SUV I saw a guy by what I thought was my SUV so I hit my alarm button on my keychain and once I got there I realized it was the SUV behind me -he had smashed the passenger side window out. I felt so bad for whoever it was and it was a brand new SUV, I know if I'd been a minute later my SUV would have surely been next. So, be careful -this was in broad daylight with people coming and going left and right.