Thursday, January 29, 2009

My China

I finally narrowed down the choices and decided on my china. I went with Herend Golden Edge and Queen Victoria accent plates. I love the simple white and gold plates alone or with the cute butterflies! I am sure the people that work at LV Harkness and Dolfingers are glad they won't see me for a while!

Reception Pics

Here are some photos of my wedding reception location. The first is the view from the dinning room and shows the outdoor cocktail area in the paddock. The second is the entry way to the reception.  Of course everything will be green by then.Getting excited!!!

Another Ice Storm!?

I still have flashbacks of the 2003 ice storm. Lucky for me I have power and have been off work all week. My family is not so lucky! Grandparents and parents are without power for maybe even a week. Grandparents made it to the only hotel in Paducah with power. My parents are toughing out the dark and cold for now. Here is what the storm looked like in Paducah:

Mom and Dad are sending pictures from Owensboro. Kentucky has been declared as  in a state of emergency. Hope everyone is warm and safe wherever they are! I am counting down the days until Spring.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Website-a work in progress

Katie and Craig's Wedding Website

I'm back!

Just now catching up on posting all of my holiday/engagement festivities! More to come! Enjoy and Happy 2009!

Wilson's 30th Birthday

Look at Wilson's guitar cake!

Jess, Jenny, Emily, Britt and me

Britt and Wilson

Christmas Party-Giles House

Laura, Jenna and me

Amy, me, Sue and Tatum

Megan and Bart's pretty tree!

Craig turned 30 and we got engaged!

Here are some pics of Craig's surprise 30th birthday party on December 6th. This was also the day we got engaged! We both ended up being surprised!

Poster I made for people to sign.

Tyler,Jennifer,Todd, Julie, Craig and me

Our first picture being engaged. This is also what I used for our Christmas cards.