Friday, May 16, 2008

Wedding at the Ranch

I love celeb weddings! And Jenna Bush! Click here and you can view a slideshow of the wedding.I love the couple's first dance song. It is playing on my blog now! Craig's sister had the same band as Jenna at her wedding. Some Presidential nuptial history:

   Jenna is the 22nd person to wed during a father's presidency
   Only 9 have actually had the wedding at the White House
   President Nixon and his daughter danced to,"Thank Heaven for Little Girls."
   George W. and Jenna danced to, "You are so Beautiful."
Some Jenna Bush history:
    Jenna is a teacher
    She is a UNICEF volunteer
    Her husband is a former aid to Carl Rove
    She was born one minute after her sister, Barbara
                                                                             Jenna Bush Wedding