Tuesday, March 3, 2009

everyday dishes

I already posted about my fine china. I am equally excited about my everyday dishes! They are Waterford Grafton Street. I wanted something very simple!

Graftons Gate Porcelain Dinnerware
I love how you can mix and match the different patterns. My favorite part... the bunnies on the salt and pepper and the serving pieces!
Grafton Street Salt & Pepper Set

I found it all at Macy's. I love it!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

If I didn't tell you before I'll tell you now...you have great taste. The dishes are gorgeous and the style timeless.

kristy said...

I've tagged you! Happy Friday!

Kilee said...

Wow Katie! you have incredible taste!


pve design said...

Wise gal to choose all white. I have all White, Royal Copenhagen and we have used it nearly every day for nearly 20 plus years and I love it today just as much if not more than yesterday.
I love adding pieces and those bunnies are so sweet.