Sunday, July 13, 2008

No More Horsing Around!

The horse show is over. A sigh of relief! No major disasters, perfect weather and a fabulous time! I enjoyed being on the horse show board this year. It was well worth all of the time spent. I loved getting to know the other girls on the board, all of the provisionals and the characters at the Red Mile. The week began with the Gala at Elmendorf Farm. Carrie did a great job planning the party. Lundy's did the catering and the food was really yummy! The farm is one of my top 10 beautiful spots in Lexington. Here are some photos. To see more go to tops in lex. To read the article that was in the Sunday paper go to Lex Go.

Thanks for all of your help Horse Show Board!!!

Some of the show. 

Great shopping, people watching and dog watching!


JB Goll said...

I was in Miami all week last week so I of course was sad to miss the Horse Show. You know its one of my favorite times! Some of the Field Secretaries said they saw you, but not sure if you remembered them, ha!