Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Reads

Hey blog friends. I need a good summer read. Has anyone read any good books lately? I usually like serious books but I am in the mood for a good, fun, girly, pool book. Send me any suggestions. Headed to the book store next week. 

Thanks! TGIF


Traci Anne said...

Jen Lancaster (LOVE!) - Such a Pretty Fat
Lauren Weisberger - Chasing Harry Winston (I'm kinda eh on her books, but I know I'm in the minority!)

What else... actually, I think that's all I can think of at the moment, but Jen's book is FANTASTIC!

A.D. said...

Hi...saw your comment on Running As Fast as I Can and thought I'd say 'Hi' to a fellow KY girl! Here are some books I've read lately:
Sophie Kinsella-Remember Me?
Katie Fforde-Restoring Grace
Donald McCaig-Rhett Butler's People
Kate Morgenroth-They Did it With Love
Karen Robards(a KY author)-Guilty
Marian Keyes-all of her cute
As you can tell, I really love to read! Hope this helps!

collard green queen said...

Thanks for your comments!
Best Books for the Summer?
Something Borrowed - and then the follow up to it
Something Blue - both in paper back

I bet you finish them both in just a few days - great reads!

Kate said...

Just found your blog :)

Check out
She always find the best reads!

Kentucky Katie said...

Thanks girls!!

Red and White Preppy said...

The Little Lady Agency books by Hester Browne...there are three of them so far in the series! I second the Jen Lancaster, Emily Giffin, and Sophie Kinsella picks :)

suburban prep said...

The Spinster Sisters --Stacey Ballis
Nice to Come Home To--Rebecca Flowers
The Bachelorette Party--
Karen Mccullah Lutz
Girls in Trucks--Katie Crouch
Bikini Season-- Sheila Roberts
Comfort Food-- Kate Jacobs
Twenty Wishes-- Debbie Macomber

Barefoot in the Park said...

just stumbeled across your blog..

i've been loving "somthing borrowed" and "something blue" thus far!

Storm said...

Most of my books are Civil War books, so I dont think I can help you much! :)

Fifi Flowers said...

If you have not read Shadow in the Wind... it's a MUST read! I love! Not girly, but a good romance.