Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring in Kentucky

I am happy it is FINALLY Spring for several reasons. Keeneland, dogwood tree's, warmer weather, Derby parties,flip flops, 26 days of work left AND I want to wear a dress that looks like this

Summer 2008 Social Butterfly Reecey Dress Solid brought to you by: Lilly Pulitzer®
from my favorite store in the entire world (Lilly Pulitzer.) The new summer collection just came out and it is true Lilly fashion with bright colors and bows. I wish I had this on right now sitting poolside at a party.Or with a cute hat at the Derby. Much better than my work outfit I am wearing now. Khaki pants with finger paint and dirt! 


tiffany said...


i am so so happy you started a blog! i can't wait to check it! we definitely need to get together again soon! we had so much fun with you guys!